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Leoncini Italian Pottery | San Gimignano Italy

Italian Pottery

How pottery is made

Italian pottery originates from a different selection of clays, especially chosen among the most suitable for the work.

The masters and artist of handmade pottery can create from a simple piece of clay, with the use of hands and their ceramic lathe: all types of objects in round shapes such as plates, flower pots, vases, canisters, pharmacy pots, jars, pitchers, amphors and many other exceptional works.

All the other types of items in different shapes (e.g. oval trays, square or rectangular plates, etc.) are made by hand-modelling the clay in special moulds of chalk.

After this, the terracotta dries in the open air for three or four days (depending on the outside temperature), before being cleaned and remodelled according to its final shape.

The terracotta is left to dry again for about a month, and then fired in kilns at very high temperatures. At this point, the item is ready to be glazed and hand-painted.


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