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Our Italian pottery shop in San Gimignano, Tuscany

Our shop is in the main road of San Gimignano (near Siena in Tuscany,Italy). The palace where our shop is, used to belong to the "Ficarelli" family. It is exactly how you would imagine an ancient Tuscan palace: made of stone bricks, reaching high but not too much. Our shop has three entrances directly on the main shopping street of San Gimignano, Via San Giovanni.

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The Ficarelli Tower - Our Pottery Shop

Our show-room is in a restored area of the old building where once there could be found storage rooms, cellars, stables, courtyards and gardens. During the works, in excavating, we found huge building blocks made of stone, which we discovered to be originally the base of the Ficarelli Tower.

In the shop it is possible to admire the different types of ceilings: barrel-like or with old wooden beams dating back to the time the Ficarelli palace was built (around the beginning of the 13th century).

In addition, we have a cellar downstairs, all made of tufo (a characteristic ochre-colour soil found in our areas).
All works have been made to maintain the original aspect of the building, under the supervision of Italian Belle Arti.


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